Why I Am Running for Re-Election

Augusta County is special. The natural beauty here, combined with the warmth of the people, make it a truly wonderful wonderful place to live and to raise a family.  Melinda and I would not want our four children, all of whom were born here, to grow up anywhere else.  I am completely committed to working with the dedicated men and women in the various local law enforcement agencies to maintain this top-notch quality of life for our citizens. 

Just like everywhere else, Augusta has its challenges.  The use and distribution of methamphetamine affects so many of our local families.  Fentanyl is even worse, and we have seen an uptick in deaths from this drug in recent years.  Though our homicide numbers are generally very low, we do experience other types of violent crimes, including a great many cases of domestic violence.  I want to continue our good work to combat these and other ills. 

I am incredibly proud of the relationship we have built with the men and women in the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office.  We have not experienced the acrimony between our two offices that is common in many other jurisdictions.  There has been a movement around the state and nation wherein criminal defense attorneys seek to be elected as chief prosecutor.  Often, these people are elected despite opposition from the local sheriff or chief of police.  I am a career prosecutor. Neither the public nor our local law enforcement community has to worry that I will pursue the interests of criminals. 

As many are aware, in recent years our sheriff and his deputies have come under unfair and unprecedented attack from criminals and convicts who wish to do them harm.  It is extremely important that the Commonwealth’s Attorney, which is the jurisdiction’s chief law enforcement officer, is not influenced by criminals.  I will continue to stand with the hard working men and women in law enforcement, and against these forces.

I hope you have been pleased with the work my office has done on behalf of the citizens over the last seven years.  I take pride in the accomplishments of the dedicated folks who work here.  If you have any questions about my campaign for re-election, feel free to call me at any time.  Also, remember that if you see roadside litter, you can contact my office’s litter hotline, and we will send a crew of folks out to pick it up for you.

Timothy A. Martin